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07.05.03- Well fanz we are very very sad to say that SHORTFALL has officialy disbanded:( We have had a long struggle since January and decided to call it quits.
Thank you all for the kick ass support........Stay tunned for some kickin new projects.
Jesse, Kenty, Dave, Ian, Nathan and James (The SHORTFALL Family)
02.22.03- Hey 'fallers, bad news we had to cancel some tour dates due to complications with money and conflictions with Hockey schedules. Shitty deal but we must move on. On the upside. SHORTFALL will be featured on soon so check it out. It's kinda like a but for Van. Oh yeah and our show with DEVILLE and THE REASON went really well, so everyone should check out both those bands and support them.
       Also, former SHORTFALL drummer Kent Kynaston has a new band and you can listen to them at under SONIC DOOM
02.22.03- The Band just got back from playing a kick ass show at the Astoria in Vancouver. Big thanks to everyone who came out, and to Drift and Savannah for playing with us. If you are down with the metal, get down with Savannah cuz they ruled. See you all on Thurday @ Thursdays
02.06.03- Hey motherpunkers just a quick update, I've been drinkin myself stupid so it hurts to look at the screen. A new show has been added to the list we are playing in Vancouver so all you Van dudes come out and drink and throw things at us. Word.
01.09.03- Well, Dave the lucky bastard is lying on a beach right now in Portugal so the rest of us are just restin up here in Victown. We have a rad show comin up on Febuary 27 with Hourglass/Jumpstart records own Deville from Calgary and Sewing with Nancy at Thursday's Pub in Victoria. Check out their shit at Fastass punkrock Also, several songs from our new CD have been put up on The website so check em out!!!.
01.06.03- Holy Shit it has been a while since anyone has updated this site. During that time much has happened. The holidays have come and gone, Our first full Length Cd " The Amount of Such a Failure" is out now on Project Records, we have said goodbye to many friends while welcoming new ones. And as The Evil Empire just south of us prepares to start the year off by going to war, Shortfall also has plans for the new year.
    As many of you know Kent Kynaston is no longer with the band. Even though he may be a father now, we all know that he will keep rockin and he will allways be a part of the Shortfall family. Filling in on the drums ( even though they are big double kickin ass whoopin shoes to fill) is James McEachran formerly from Not Quite Sober. He's up to the job. Check out some live stuff on soon! So expect lots of changes to the site, more tours on Island and on the mainland, and please feel free to email us and tell us what's up.
10.27.02- Just back from Parksville, Great show up thier . A HUGE thanks to all the kids who came out last night and made it all happen. Thanks to trickturner and all the other bands as well for thier kick ass sets and making the night go smooth.The new disk is done..............
08.21.02-Hey Hey, We are still workin away on the album. It is sounding sweet. We would like to say a sad goodbye to Ian Menzies, He has been with SHORTFALL from almost the begining, Thanks for all the good times and great guitar tracks on the new album. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Ya better still come out and party ya chump.
08.05.02-The show with the SUBVERTS and the McGillicudduys was sweet. I think the SUBVERTS cover of Rain in Blood made our night.Things are going really good in the studio, We are starting the vocals next week which keeps us right on track.(No pun intended).We played last night with The Hoochey Girls and Ten too Late, I don't think that all ages ska crowd was ready for blazing fast hardcore that night. I think we are starting to think of some kinda CD release party or somthing so look out for it in a month or 2. CHOW.
07.22.02-Wow, It's been awhile since we have put anything in here!!, We recieved a friendly reminder to update our page.Things have been good for SHORTFALL the last couple of months , We have been playing lots and are just starting to record our full length cd with Tyson at Identity Records. We hope to be finished by September or so.We just got a song on the Give Us a Break CD, Released at Warped Tour this year, So if any of you went and got it check it out.And a big Congrats to MONEYSHOT for playing Warped tour this year, What an experience.Those guys are on the thier way to supreme rock star status. Anyway , If you check our site please drop us an E-mail and to say hi or give us some feed back.  Thanks SHORTFALL...
05.30.02-We are getting ready for 2 days of hard core shite, Tonight we are playing with Victoria's newest punk hardcore unit The Burnside Brawlers and The legendary Shivs at Diablos Night Club. Totally looking forward to this, Cheap beer fast punk what moore could you ask for.And Friday we are off to Nanaimo to play with Drakes Advantage at the Cambie.Dam we love the Cambie. Stay tuned for the rant on these shows....................
05.25.02- Howdy punkrawkers, Things are kickin with SHORTFALL right now, The show with Belvedere was wicked, They had thier old drummer with them for some of thier tour, Holly Shite that boy can shred.Good luck to them as they are touring across North America for the next 2 months !!!!. The show in Courtenay was a f-in Blast.Up-Island all ages shows are always Kick Ass. We got up thier to find that we were playing with 7 bands at a small hall beside the Comox Air force base. The Show was awsome-Punk Rawk-Beers-Hoots-More Punk Rawk and Moore Beers.The hall was booked until the next day so we all stayed there over night a ripped it up hard.A big thanks to Tyler from Drakes Advantage and all the Courtenay\Comox Valley kids who came out and fucked shit up with us. We hope to be back up there again this summer...................
04.25.02- Well we are up and running again(Kenty is still kinda limping)His surgery went very well and he is on the mend. We have some shows coming up in May so check our SHOWS page. Once again we are very privlaged to be playing with Belvedere, Soooo don't miss that show .Other than that PunkRawk4ever........Peace....seeya at the shows.....
03.25.02- Thanks to every one who came out to The Lucky Bar last night. It was a hella good time, and mad props to DGB for putting on a sweet show. Hope to see ya soon.

02.26.02-Well we made it through the shows. The Cobalt was cool, The other band didn't show so we played the whole night, Between our sets Menzies(all beered up) breaks out this solo blues number and gets every one rockin, What a blast. Playin 3 nights with Moneyshot was great, If you havn't seen these guys check em out off our Links page, They are full of energy and really get the crowd going, It was an honor to rock out with them. Belvedere !!! If you havn't seen these guys Holly shit balls of fire you don't know what your missing, Great guys fast punk and a killer stage show.We are taking a short break cause Kenty is going to Mexico for a couple of weeks(Bastard)But the day he returns we are rippin it up at the Lucky Bar with Darylls Grocerey Bag...........Come check it............

02.19.02 - off to the mainland 2morra. Playing at the Cobalt - gotta love the EastSide on Welly Wednesday! SHORTFALL is kickin off the weekend at the Cambie on Friday night, playing an all-ages show at Burnside Elementary on Saturday night and winding it up at Thursday's Pub on Monday night. Look forward to seeing y'all out there! 
02.01.02 - We were off to Nanaimo to play an all-ages show at the local youth centre. When the chick with the keys didn't show up, Fiesta Lanes was kind enough to lend us a lane and became the home of Nanaimo's first ever Punk & Bowl!
b4 xmas sometime - played a show in Courtenay with Andre's Last Chance, some great local talent and this wild band from Denman Island (I am very very very very very sorry I can't remember their name!)